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ATF Antique was first released by the Barnhardth Bros. & Spindler
type foundry in 1842. It was designed for sign cutting, and saw
much use throughout the latter 19th century. Its popularity led to
its re-introduction by ATF in 1905 under the name Antique 1. It is
the precursor to the typefaces Bookman and Rockwell.

Consider using ATF Antique in headlines, callouts and captions.
Oh, and take a look at its ampersand...

For more typefaces like this, check out the book Digital Type
Design Guide: The Page Designer's Guide to Working with Type by
Sean Cavanaugh (published by Hayden Books, ISBN 1-56830-190-1).

The book is bundled with a hybrid CD containing 220 typefaces in
Type 1 and TrueType formats for Mac OS and Windows. Digital Type
Design Guide is available from the FontSite Bookstore at 20% off
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French and German translations are also available.

You can contact the author via e-mail by sending a message to, or visit the award-winning FontSite for more
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Comments & Reviews of Digital Type Design Guide
"In a sea of nearly-useless type books, it [Digital Type
Design Guide] is a fine piece of work."

columnist, PC Magazine

"Anyone even remotely interested in type and design needs
this book. The CD alone is worth the cover price."

columnist & C|Net TV host

"At last! A top-notch guide to digital fonts. Having taught
a course in digital fonts management for a university ext-
ension graphic design program, I've often been asked to
recommend a book on the use and understanding of digital
fonts. Frustratingly enough, there hasn't been one -- till
now. The first third of Cavanaugh's book provides a thorough,
accurate, understandable explanation of the technical and
stylistic issues; the balance of the book deals with type in
design. The cross-platform character charts on pages 68 and
69 are, by themselves, worth the price of the book. The book
is well-written, easy to understand, and includes a ton of
Macintosh and Windows fonts on an enclosed CD-ROM."
reader review, posted on


The FontSite 500 CD
The FontSite 500 CD is a collection of 500 typefaces licensed from
SoftMaker/ATF, each available in both PostScript Type 1 and True-
Type formats for Macs and PCs. Several of the typefaces include
matching expert sets (ligatures and fractions), small caps, old-
style numerals, and swash caps.

The fonts were meticulously selected to provide you with a complete
typeface library spanning all the historical periods and functional
categories of type design. Good looking typefaces for just about
any kind of document -- from professional resumes to killer web
graphics, newsletters, display ads, books, posters, signs, etc.

The CD is available direct from The FontSite for $29.95 plus
applicable sales tax and shipping charges. Set your browser
to to order or receive more info.


ATF Antique is a copyrighted commercial typeface. It is licensed,
not sold. You may install and use as many copies as you like, but
you may not distribute this typeface to other electronic bulletin
boards, FTP sites, online services, web sites, diskettes or CDs --
be they shareware or commercial collections -- without obtaining a
distribution license from Title Wave Studios. For more information,
please contact Sean Cavanaugh via e-mail by sending a message to

1997, 1998 Title Wave Studios.
ATF Antique is a trademark of SoftMaker/ATF.